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About the Idea Place category (1)
Remove version from namespace (5)
Support NET Core 3.0 (5)
Make your samples available on Github (3)
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Preview Sketch Pane Should be on the Right Hand Side on LTR Systems (1)
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Diff-Tool for lst-files (4)
PDF Export with additional PDF Files in one document (4)
Table with multiple columns (3)
Waterfall Plot (3)
Allow setting fixed X-axis limits for Line/Symbol Chart (2)
Spectrogram (4)
Page Wrap for Labels (1)
Better Asian (Japan, Korean, Chinese) character support in exported PDF (1)
Introduce a multi pass print mode in case of DataProvider printing (6)
Texts, inscriptions for "Gantt" diagram (2)
Support Microsoft Graph for sending E-Mails via Outlook Mail (2)
Charts with hyperlinks (1)
Charts with logarithmic representation on x-axis (1)
Direct support for viewing PDF files in LL Preview Control (2)
Ability to embed a signature using a signpad like signotec.com (1)
Upon changing Data Lines in table contents, function to adjust Header Lines automatically... (1)
Implement guidelines or policies for validation (2)
Endless pagebreaks if an object is to big for a page (8)
Display multiple Y-values for the same X-value in a line/symbol multi-series graph (1)
Improve the keyboard interface in the dialogs of the LL-designer (3)
User Variables - Allow renaming them (5)
Zoom to mouse location when using CTRL+Mouse Wheel (Designer+Preview) (2)
Web Reporting with ASP.NET Core (2)