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Implement guidelines or policies for validation

When users make changes to their reports, I would like to define some rules, which will be checked before saving. There should be two levels. Level one makes suggestions what should be done if a rule is not fulfilled. Level two are requirements, which must be fulfilled. It should be possible to check if certain fields are used (i.e. VAT) in the report, if certain fonts are used (i.e. corporate design).

I think with the new find feature of LL24 this is the logical next step to automate the validation of reports.

These rules would make it easy to check an invoice.lst against a set of rules to get all missing requirements. Think of test driven report development if you first define your rules and then implement the report :slight_smile:


Thanks for this suggestion - agree, this would be a cool feature. In the meantime you might try to implement something similar using the object model. You can intercept the call to “Save”, check the report’s model against your constraints and raise any issues you might find. However, you will not be able to have a custom tool window etc., i.e. the UI would be much cleaner if we did this instead. Open for voting :).

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