support font embedding in projectfiles

I want to embedding fonts in projectfiles so I don’t have to install the font on every system.

It’s very helpful, if we want to use a licensed or exclusive fonts and it’s not allow or unwanted to use the font for other things.

Nice idea - we already have most of the required techniques in the product in order to render PDF documents with embedded fonts to the preview. These fonts are embedded in the preview files in turn and are installed on-the-fly for the viewing process. Something similar would work here. Note however that afaik fonts can opt-out of embedding which is done at times by licensed fonts. In that case, this wouldn’t work. The API that would be used is TTEmbedFontEx which can and may return an error for patented fonts. A good test would be to print a document using the font to the PDF export. If that works, it should also be feasible to embed the font into the project file.

If TTEmbedFontEx returns an error, does LL handles this or do I get an exception, so that I know that the font will be missing in the exported PDF?

Embedding fonts in projects makes sense. Sometimes customers have special fonts from their designers for their corporate identity, but after moving to a new computer nobody has the font and sometimes even the old computer is not available anymore. And backups…

But if you implement this feature, please allow linking to a base project which has the font embedded. So that not every project has to embed the font. Think of time penalty of virus scanners and size of project files…

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