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ResetPageNumber() in the "NextCombinationPrintStep"-Event

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Maybe add a Method ResetPageNumber() to the (currently new) “NextCombinationPrintStep”-Event for more flexibility.
Similar to the generally known ResetProjectState() Method.

I got the idea through reading this topic:
Support project aggregation for master mode

A typical use case might be:

Flexible printing of different kind of “.lst”-File combinations.

You print an invoice and want to add terms of conditions. For special products in the invoice you want to add special productSheets with instructions, and for special customers you want to add a support contract. And every possiple combination you can think of.

LL.DataSource = GetMyDataSource();
LL.AutoProjectFile = @"invoice1.lst;productSheet1.lst;toc1.lst;invoice2.lst;toc2.lst;supportContract2.lst";

The result should have a page numbering like:

invoice1 page1
invoice1 page2
productSheet1 page3
toc1 page4
toc1 page5

invoice2 page1
invoice2 page2
invoice2 page3
toc2 page4
toc2 page5
supportContract2 page6
supportContract2 page7
supportContract2 page8

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