Adding a signature field, which can be captured on a touch display

The idea would be to have a signature field, similar to the PDF fields, where a signature can be captured via touch screen.

The use scenarios are very big. You can use it to digital sign each kind of document.

THX a lot for taking the time to read my suggestion.

Hey Harald,

Thank you for your suggestion.

As I assume you already know the possibility to place a form control button in the layout especially for the PDF export format (see also PDF signature field), so that a signature field is created in the PDF document and the signature process is carried out via the functionality of the used PDF viewer, right?

If so, and it still doesn’t solve your requirement, then leave some more inspiring details about

… signature can be captured via touch screen…

so that we can better estimate and plan to think about to include this requirement in the pool of future functions.

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THX - I am looking deeper into it.