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Support Windows 10 on ARM64

Please add support for ARM64-Architecture!

Well I got a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB and guess what, with the incredible efforts of the WOR-Project (Windows On Raspberry) I got a build of Windows 10 on ARM64 running. It only took a few clicks, some time for downloads, creation of the needed ESD-files and not too much time to install on a fast MicroSD card.

I was able to run LL25 (x86). I got a report on the preview, but when I tried to call the designer my program crashed.

So if you could try yourself and support this combination it would be great. Especially because in the foreseeable future there will be new Notebooks with Windows on ARM64 coming…

Even better would be, if you could create a native LL version for ARM64! I only need the C# Interface :slight_smile:.


We’ll evaluate this path. Emulators often don’t support the full API of the OS. I’d suspect a similar effect here and will see if we can workaround this.

A native ARM64 support is currently out of scope, unfortunately. Some modules are built with compilers that don’t support this target.

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