Support DMRE Datamatrix Rectangular Extension

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Support DMRE Datamatrix Rectangular Extension

A typical use case might be:

LL currently supports only six rectangular Datamaxtrix formats. DMRE are the same as normal Datamatrix barcodes, DMRE just describes some more rectangular formats. DMRE enables printing barcodes for smaller devices, like medical devices. Because of EU2017/745 regulations all medical devices have to have a unique device idenitifer (UDI).

Further Information:

Hi! I wanted to bring this topic back to your attention. More and more barcode scanners are able to work with “Datamatrix Rectangular Extension”-DMRE-codes. So it would be great to be able to print them with L&L.

You can even promote L&L on the DMRE page, if implemented. See the entry of NiceLabel.