Table is too small for footer issue

Hello everyone,

I am having this strange issue in report due to the footer:

The footer is configured just to show in last page:

Does anyone have an idea and can provide me a hint of what can be, please?


I cannot reproduce this - can you check if it helps to make the report container wider? Note the warning in your second shot. If this doesn’t help, you’d need to post a log file and the report.

Hello @jbartlau,

Thanks for reply.
The width did not solved the issue.
How do i get a log file? For the report you mean the .lst, .lsv and .lsp files, correct?
Also i can only reproduce (aka: not happening always) this while generating a huge amount of data in the report (327 pages long - altought i am not sure if it has something to do with lots of data ).
Btw, this is in LL 26 version.


Yes, the LST file should suffice. As for the log file, the procedure is described here:

Please find attached the .lst file to help me out with this issue.
Playzone check in report Manual HRZ.lst (503.8 KB)

As for the log file is large in size, so i am verifying how to upload it somehow.
Hope this link works: [removed by forum policy]

Thanks and regards,


Unfortunately, the link requires a login / account / password. In this case, I’d suggest to open a support case or use a public file sharing link like Dropbox. Feel free to PM me with the link then.

BTW: if you zip the file, it should be shrinked remarkably.

On a side node, I was unable to find the error message you’re encountering by quickly glancing through the sources. Are you positively sure this message is not triggered by your code?

My certain is that if i remove the footer from the report it does not happen :slight_smile:

Hello, i zipped it (and it was astonishing compressed ) and was ale to upload to google drive:

So with the file you should now be able to open it.


In line 15705815 of the log file (it really is huge) I see

▪;1000;30.12.2020 11:39:37.766;2;LL.API;24C0;100:2=CMLL26♦101:1=2;<LlPrintFieldsEnd() -> -998 (FFFFFC1A) (Present data record did not fit on the page.)

However, there’s no call to LlPrintFieldsEnd again (as it would be needed) and not even LlPrintEnd() is called. I’d suggest to check the handling of LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA as result value for LlPrintFieldsEnd in your code and see why it would raise the error you’re seeing.

Hello @jbartlau,

Here, my collegue provided me with the code of the application:

// All records have been printed, now flush the table
    // if footer doesn't fit to this page try again for the next page:
    nErrorValue = LlPrintFieldsEnd(hJob);


    if(nErrorValue == LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA)
      // Update the definitions of your page dependent variables here...
      // ...
      // ... and then try again:
      nErrorValue = LlPrintFieldsEnd(hJob);
      //@@@ NOTE: se footerline não aparecer totalmente na página,
      //          então no Designer colocar a propriedade: Keep Together=True
      //          para que o footerline possa ser impresso independente da tabela


    if(nErrorValue == LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA) // footer still doesn't fit!
                 _T("Error: Table is too small for footer."),
                 MB_OK + MB_ICONWARNING);


    // Ends print job
    LlPrintEnd(hJob, 0);

This looks fine.
I´ll try to change the Keep Togheter property and print the report to see if it changes the behaviour.


I dare to disagree :slight_smile: - you only try to print the footer twice. If it spans for more than this, you’ll get the error message. Depending on the length and your data, this might not be enough, a while loop is required here. Can your try this?

// All records have been printed, now flush the table
// if footer doesn't fit to this page try again for the next pages

    while(LlPrintFieldsEnd(hJob) == LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA)

    // Ends print job
    LlPrintEnd(hJob, 0);