Designer Manual 26 PDF on last page of document

From the 26 version Designer Manual:

  1. Add a footer at the very end of the invoice table. This footer has the Appearance
    Condition ‘LastPage()’ and the content SetVar(“TablePrinted”, “Yes”, false).
  2. Insert a PDF object, interlink it sequentially with the report container and set the
    ‘Pagebreak Before’ option to ‘True’.
  3. Set the PDF object Appearance Condition to ‘LastPage() and not IsNullOrEmpty

What exactly is meant by a footer? a line definition under the footer line tab? But then where is the “content” ?

Yes, there is a footer in the table and the content is the SetVar function.
I have attached a small example for our sample application, which you can easily open via the DemoApplication26 and the “Simple List” button.
Output_PDF_on_the_Last_Page.lst (31,5 KB)

Thanks for the example. It works. (Although you have to have changed the language so the extension / field name are the same → *.lst and Artikel vs . *.rpt and Item)

Is the LastPage() condition really necessary as it will not allow for multi-page PDF (even if the pdf has Page Break = True in additon to the Page Break Before in your example)?

No, this is not necessary, since the footer (tableline) is printed at the end of the table anyway, the last page is also guaranteed here.

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