Error "Table not big enough"

Hi everbody
i ´ve recently started working with L&L. But now my queries causing an error message, that i don´t understand neither able to solve it.

While rendering the report, nearly finished, L& L prints that “my table is properly to tight to contain data” and that my “table should designed big enought to contain at least on row of data” (free translation from the german error message)

Now what my table contains:
It´s a delivery note which consists of

  • a header (group header) with general costumer information, delivery date s.o. grouped by deliver note no.
  • main body with all positions relating to that delivery note no.
    -footer (group footer) which sums up and provide a couple of additional fields, eg a field for signatures, notes s.o.

All information is stored on basic layer.

My error message occur if i try to extent the date range, eg. to generate all notes in week 47 or all delivery notes loaded today.

Does anyone know, what this error is caused by?

Best regards

usually it means what it says: the report (report container?) is not large enough for header and footer and at least one data line.

Remeber: LL ist a WYSIWYG designer, not a band designer - the table gets as high as you design it on the paper (design area). Don’t size a table with 2 cm height unless you want it to be that high - most likely too little, causing such an error.

Does that solve your problem?


mhm, thanks Paulchen, but that doesn´t solve my problem. It might be true, that my table contains to many rows for one page, but i expect, that my table will be extented to a second, (third) page.

During my tests i could figure out that my table will be extented if only one dataset (one delivery note), one header, many rows, one footer, should be printed out. But in case of a date range with 10 or more delivery notes, this error occur

looks a bit special, this one :wink:

I suggest you send your report file etc to the support. It’s a bit too much for the forum here. They should be able to help you fast.