Cannot Preview/Print if there’s missing variables


LL17 – It will still print even if there’s error
LL24 – it won’t print because of the error.

Temporary solution

  • Check if variable exist and if it’s used.
  • If the variable is used then add the variable otherwise remove.

Question: Can we use an LL Option to set so that behavior will be the same as LL17?

I’d suggest to handle this the same way as

and exchange some detailed information via our support. It would be great to post the solution here afterwards.

I was actually hoping that this is simple.
Because basically the problem is printing/preview even if the lst has some variable erros which was always working on LL17.

Is it possible that LL24 is now more strict and did not allow this anymore?

I cannot remember that this ever worked - if the evaluation of formulas fails, you get a LL_ERR_EXPRESSION during load time. Which is a good thing so you know something is unexpected and wrong. For dynamic data sources, you have the Exists and GetValue designer functions. Maybe you had a buggy LL17 version where the error did not pop up and made use of this?

Unfortunately - no. This was never supposed to work, as @Gunther_Schwarze pointed out, there are special designer functions to work with dynamic data. I feel sorry for the hassle you’re obviously encountering while jumping seven major versions ahead. Let’s tackle these problems via support and return to the forum once we have more detailed information. Not meaning to censor the discussion here, however we really need more details, log files etc. that you probably don’t want to exchange publicly here.