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Page break reset on Designer

I have searched for similar topics on the forum but none of them I found cover all the point of my problem.
I have a .lst report using LL22. On the report, there is only 1 table container. I set Data Line, Footer Line, Group Header and Group Footer.

  • Items in Group Header needs to show on every page and it can be different when the group by name is changed. On this group, I set Break Before to Yes and Reset Page Counter to Reset Page Counter and TotalPages$()
  • Items in Footer Line needs to show on every page using the data of the group.
  • Items in Group Footer Line needs to show only on the last page the group because it is quite large, take up 2/3 of the page.
    I need to have page break, page and total page reset when the name change. Data is from table and sorted by name.
    This format and set up doesn’t show the page and the Footer lines on the last page of the group. How do I get LL set up probably to show proper page and footer items in Designer?

For example: I have 3 name groups A,B and C. Each group may have different data line which could end up like this. Group A, 2 pages; Group B 5 pages, Group C 1 page. All the pages need to have group header and footer line. Only the last page of each group need to show group footer.


You won’t see everything in the Layout-Preview, because it’s just a preview. In that case you have to pass some sample data and use the real-data preview (Preview tab).

But nevertheless it is possible to realize the request by using the already named properties:

Group Header
Group By: Name
Break Before: Yes
Reset Page Counter: Reset Page Counter and TotalPages$()

Group Footer
Group By: Name (same condition as used in the Group Header)
no more changes needed, the group footer is printed at the end of the group

Footer Line
Appearance Condition: Always Show (it will print the footer line at the end of every single page)

Using the requirements the report, shown in the screenshot beneath, was created.

Blue color - Group Header on every single page
Red color - Footer line on every single page
Green color - Group Footer at the end of group

Hope it can be seen.

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