Group Header after Page Break

I feel I am missing an obvious setting but I cannot work this one out. I have a report container that contains a collection of data (6 items). Th report generates perfectly, showing a table for each data object.
Each data object starts with a group heading contains the index number and a unique id for the data object. Now the issue. When the page breaks half way through the data object, I would like on the next page for it to start with the group heading again.

What I would like


In order to display the group header at the beginning of the table again, when the
group is separated by a page break, the option “Repeat As Header” can be used.

Hope this helps. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I changed this and it did something rather interesting:
The CurrentLineIndex() increases by 1. Is there any way to stop this? Or a better way to count each object?


Fixed it. Used CurrentLineTypeIndex instead.


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