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Force Group Footer to be at the bottom of the page

(Guest) #1


Does anyone Is there a way to get a group footer to always appear at the bottom of the page so if the data does not fill the page blank lines are added. I am using LL15 in VB.NET.

Thank you.


(Guest) #2

Hi Paul,

Select your table, properties and set Fixed size to True.

(Guest) #3

Thanks Antonio,

but this only causes footer lines to be at the bottom of the page not group footers.

(Guest) #4

Hi Paul,

I think that if you wish print your group footer like a footer lines, then you need only footer lines…

or I don’t understand what you do want.

(Guest) #5


How could I control footer to only print at bottom of group and how could I reset total variables for the group.


(Guest) #6


You would like to print a footer line after each group footer??

For reset group variables, select the desired group footer and select in the Groups Sums the variables that you need.