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Report Design - Grouping without printing the group

Trying to figure out how to group a report and force a pagebreak without actually printing a group footer.

added a group footer and the group works but now do i not print the footer or is there a different way of creating the grouped output without adding a group footer?



You could either force the page break with the group header (property: Break Before) or you could use a new line definition within the group footer tab that has just one column without any real content but a formula that uses an undeletable character as a placeholder (Chr$(160)). With that you would set the font size to 2pt and remove any frames, after that you would activate the property “Break After”.

i had tried creating a blamk footer line but it seems that if i do not print the column i am trying to create the group on the group doesnt work, no?

looks like ith works with the header and printing a space character. Still leaves empty space on the document though event at 1pt

You could try using a negative value for the upper or lower frame :slight_smile:

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