Columns - add "real" Page break and column reset

  1. Page can be splitted into columns and there is an column break and page break condition. Both of them, just break the column. If I have 3 columns and data are ended in 2nd column and there is group footer with page break, it just creates column 3. Please add a property, which will make page break (within columns) create really a page break. 
  2. Also when new page (table with pagebreak before=true) is started with multiple columns, it continues in column previous page ended. So some booelan property, which will reset column to the first one after page is broken by force would be very nice. 

Regarding (1), this was fixed meanwhile, the page break and column break properties behave as expected. The fix will be part of SP 20.003. If you require early access, just contact our support team.

For group footers, there currently is no way to enforce a page break after (which is why the property is called “Break After”. To extend this would really be something to look at, thanks :)!

Regarding (2) I cannot reproduce this on my end. Please re-test with new DLLs (see above) and let us know. I’ll update your suggestion with the results then.

I tested also in LL21.
Try 3 column table, which ends in 2nd column (data ends there in preview). Copy and paste it, so you have 2 identical tables.

In preview: The next one starts immediately where the first ends (so continuing on 3rd column, this is probably correct). But if you set pagebreak before=True on second, there is no change. 2nd table still starts where 1st ended, no page break.

Will be part of the next service pack for LL21.