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Page break on 2nd page

(Konrad Knapik) #1


My document has a header, a footer and a table. All of them are printed on all pages. The table has a row that lists items. The number of rows depends on the number of items. If I have, let’s say, 80 items. 37 should be printed on page 1, 37 on page 2, and 6 on page 3. The page break on page 1 works fine (I get 37 items here), but on page 2 I get all the items, and they come on the footer what looks quite bad.

My question is: how can I edit or add a page break on page 2 (and above)?

Thank you in advance,
Konrad Knapik

(combit Support - Patrick Preuschoff) #2

Hello Konrad,

thank you for your post.

Before printing objects you just can set the option ‘Page break before’ to ‘Yes’ to achieve a page break.

Besides this we think that they might be a mistake in your design and/or configuration. Have you tried using a report container? There you can work with tables, which can have header and footer information just to be printed in the right order. Maybe you can have a look at the programmable samples in your List & Label installation folder. Some of them contains a report container and should give you a short overview of the functionality. Otherwise you can have a short look at the demo application and open an example for invoices to see what you can achieve with a report container.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH