How to force a pagebreak when specific data conditions are met.

I have my table column count set to 2 currently but combit is treating the 2nd column like it’s a 2nd page.

I need there to be a pagebreak condition where if the data in the 2nd column starts at 1 again for Part #, it will land on a separate page or if a specific string of that dataline does not match the previous dataline directly before.

Hello Wendy and welcome to the List & Label Forums,

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite understand what your actual intention was. We assume that you want a page break to be triggered when the counter in the right-hand column is “1”. In this case, you could solve this as follows:

Set a margin at the top for the data row with the following content: IF (LL.CurrentTableColumn=2 and Counter=1, RemainingTableSpace(),0)

This should cause the intended behavior.
Best regards.