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Printing Terms and Conditions on Even Pages

Greetings everyone!

We have a very simple Invoice List report that we offer our customers. The “header” portion of the report has the basic details on the buyer and seller, and the majority of the list report is a single table that has 1 or more rows, depending on the number of items on the invoice.

When there are enough invoiced items, the report automatically flows on to the 2nd (or more) pages and all is beautiful.

We have a request from a customer to print their static terms and conditions on the 2nd (or even pages, in the case where there is a many page report) page of the report. (They use a double sided printer, so the back side of each sheet will have their terms and conditions when printed.)

I’ve used Layers to get close to delivering this to them. I went ahead and made 2 new layers on the report, one called “Odd Pages” and one called “Even Pages”. I assigned all of the existing invoice elements (text, table objects) on the list report to the “Odd Pages” layer. I then inserted a PDF object, and attached a single page Terms and Conditions PDF file to the list report, and assigned the new PDF object to the “Even Pages” layer.

This mostly works! On a simple invoice, it prints my invoice data on Page #1, and Page #2 has the PDF object.

What is happening is, when my table object that is on Page #1 is large enough that it needs to spill over to Page #2, that table content never prints. I was hoping for Combit to magically know we’re inserting a PDF object on Page #2 and it would flow the remaining table contents on to a new page, Page #3 (which I would then need the Terms and Conditions to print on Page #4) but I suspect Combit is flowing the data on to Page #2, but due to the layer condition it’s simply not being shown.

Is there a better approach to this request? Or can I tell the Table object to expect to only output to a certain layer?

Hi Matthew,

Actually there is a feature in LL22 that does just what you need. If you start the sample application, click on invoice and choose “Invoice with general terms and conditions on reverse side”. The magic happens at Project > Report Sections > Reverse Side. Simply add a project that contains just your PDF there and LL will do the rest for you.


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