LL12 - table footer not printing when it crosses a page break

I am using LL12 with Delphi2007.

I have a report that was initially based off the Invoice sample.

My report has a different header for the first vs following pages.

In my report I have 2 tables, one on the first page linked to an object on the first page; and the other on the following pages linked to an object on the following pages.

Everything works great except for when the footer falls across the page break.
If the footer falls across the page break between page 1 & 2 it doesn’t print.
I don’t know if the same problem occurs if the page break falls between other pages because I haven’t seen it happen yet (and have not had time to create a fictitious record set would make this happen)

Tables are set with option - Footer Lines, Keep Together = True.

Originally I had tried using one table in the base layer and while it printed across page breaks I couldn’t get it to print in the correct position on the following pages - too low on the page compared to the following page header graphic that the client wants.

Any help would be appreciated,

Dear Steven,

thank you for your post.

To solve this problem you have to use just one table. You are able to use formulas for positioning and applying changes to width and height.

With formulas you can change the content of the header for the the pages 2+ (e.g. Page() <> 1). After this you can link your table to your header.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH


Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

I got it working - using your information plus the example I found in the LL12 Report Designer PDF under section:
4.5.2. Individual Interlinking (Size and Position Adaption)

Thanks again,