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Is it possible with List & Label print 2 or more pages in one sheet ?

Hi, I am currently using LL17 and I need to print invoices using a pre designed form that has two invoices per sheet in a Letter size, so every single sheet must be printed with two different invoices. I think this issue is not related with objects/tables copying, nor printer configuration like “pages per sheet”, I think is related with the possibility of suppresing “page breaks” conditionally.

Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

José Manuel Acevedo.


I’d look for a printer driver that supports this kind of functionality. I worked with FinePrint in several projects a while ago, don’t know if the product is still around.

Have to admit I didn’t understand you comment on supressing page breaks conditionally. Maybe you could explain why you think that would be a solution?


Hi Günther, thx for suggestion about FinePrint I’ll evaluate it.

I really don`t have idea on how to implement this or how to achieve it.

I were testing several ways: Layers, report container with no succes, tables inside tables but no succes.

I think suppressing page breaks is just a possibility because the Report Generator my client uses does this job perfectly. What I saw is that they uses a print preview similar to L&L generating the invoices by using the “Half Letter” size.This preview seems to be not having page separator marks or page breaks, I mean a preview in a “continious” mode. Then they start printing with the Letter paper size and get the desired result, two forms/invoices printed in one sheet. Seem to be that using “Letter” size it fill the page with the two forms and then produces a “page break” achieving our goal. Just a thought!.

Thanks for your response.
José Manuel Acevedo.

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