How can I conditionally set the copy count at design time

I want to be able to set a condition in the designer, which prints two copies instead of one when met.
Previously we have used the Project | General Settings | Number of Issues property, assigning a condition something like cond(Customer_Type = ‘A’, 2, 1)
This approach is not working any more, possibly starting with LL 25.

The help suggests that Number of Issues is only applicable to PDF export. Fair enough.

This article about LL26 seems to describe the behavior I am after, but only for Label projects, nothing equivalent appears in List projects in LL25.

Can I get a List project to conditionally print a different number of copies?
If so, can it be done in LL25 or would I need to update?

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:. Actually, working with conditional issues seems to be the way to go here. Not sure about LL25, in LL27 this works as expected. I’m attaching a sample invoice for our demo application:

Invoice with issue print.inv (148.3 KB)

It uses the following condition for the issues:

Cond(Customer.Company="ABC Business Inc.", 2, 1)

and renders a copy for said company while just printing one issue for the others. Could you check with LL27, too? If it works there and doesn’t work for you in LL25, I’m sure our sales team will be able to make you a favorable update offer.

Thanks Jochen,

I have downloaded and tested in LL27. It does appear to be working correctly in that version.
It will be a little while before I can get an update to my customers, but at least there is an easy solution.

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