Project with 2 pages

Probably a stupid question, but really can’t find it…

We work with LL13.

I want to create a form that consists of 2 pages, but I can’t find where I define that.

My idea was to put all text in a large formatted text and put a manual page break. This works, but only page 1 is always printed.

Then your print loop has a problem. Possibly you only call LlPrint() once?


Maybe the Sample Invoice with Letter (Invoice with cover letter.inv) in the List & Label Sample Application would be help you?

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Antonio Jiménez

I have LL25 and would like to do a similar thing, have 2 pages in 1 report container. I need to force a page break before a particular data line. I tried separating the pages into separate objects, but then page 1 of all the records display and then page 2 of all the records display, so it is not collatated properly.

Not sure if I understood correctly, but let’s continue in the thread you started. BTW: welcome to our community!