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Is it possible to print multiple list objects on one sheet

(Shane Hopcroft) #1

I am currently using LL22 to print a particular kind of label (we call them ‘foils’) on a pre-printed form. Due to the complex nature of the foils (they typically include multiple tables) I am using the List project type.

Up till now all of the foils have been one-per-page, but I now have a requirement to print four foils-per-page.
Is this possible? How can I tell List & Label to start the next foil below the last one on the same page?

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #2

Dear Shane,
thank you for your note.

You might be able to use multiple report containers.
Follow this steps:
You place the same table in the report container.
For the individual table set the following properties:
-Table 1
Table> DataLines> SuppressDataLines-> CurrentDataLineIndex ()! = 1

Table 2
Table> DataLines> SuppressDataLines-> CurrentDataLineIndex ()! = 2


Or you use the Label projecttype and change your page and layout format.
For this check our DemoApplication > Label Project > “Item label with picture.lab”
Change the project like followed:
-Go to menu>Project>Filter => LL.CountPrintedData < 4
-Go to menu>Project>Layout Regions> Standard-Layout =>Vertical Distance = 4 in
(Note: the Paper Size in Printer Settings must be “A4”
-Check the preview

I have attached 2 images whichs shows the propertie and preview.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

(Shane Hopcroft) #3

Unfortunately I don’t think either of those approaches will work.

We cannot user separate report containers and just suppress individual data from the column as we use both Variables and table fields.

We cannot user the Label project-type as the foils must print tables of data.

I have uploaded some sample code which demonstrates the problem:

Mock-ups which show the desired result can be found here:

Is there a way of achieving the desired result using LL22?

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #4

Dear Shane,
thank you for your note.

I have downloaded your project and made some changes. To send you the modified file i would ask you to open a support case, thank you.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

(Shane Hopcroft) #5

Hi Erdal,
I opened a support case (W201710090001) as requested.
Alternatively, you could commit your changes to my github repository.

(Shane Hopcroft) #6

Hi Erdal,

I have had a look at the example project you provided and I think that solution will work well for us.
Thanks for your help.