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2 Page Report

(Guest) #1

I need to force a two page report from the designer, I need a summary first page then the data on the rest. Any ideas?

(Guest) #2

Therefore you can set the designer property ‘Minimum Page Count’ to ‘2’. You also have to define ‘Appearance Condition’ for the table with formula ‘Page() >= 2’.

(Guest) #3

I have tried this but no luck, I effectively want the data to print on the first page and on the second page. I created two tables, assigned one to first the other to following, set the appearance condition on each. Set the project to have a minimum of two pages, only the first page appears.

(Guest) #4

I have also tried putting both tables on the base

(Guest) #5

You should stick to using the report container in this case. It can hold multiple tables and you can easily configure a page break in between two of them. The sample application has a sample for this (should be called sth like invoice with cover letter). You need to use the LlDb…-API group in order to support the report container or use .NET data binding, depending on your language.


(Guest) #6

I am using LL14 through VB6, surely there has to be a way of making the data duplicate on two pages

(Guest) #7

Sure, in this case you can just use the APIs (LlDbAddTable etc.) to use the report container. Ther should also be a VB sample showing the usage (multitab).

(Guest) #8

I am unable to change the code, it is at a client site and they want to be able to do this