Circle chart preview problem

I have upgraded my List&label tool to new version 26. Before i used to have version 22. With previous version charts were shown very well with my VB Application. But after upgrade, am not able to show charts in preview. Any idea why this is? or should i change any thing in my code?LL.Design() works well but LL.Print() doesn’t.

Do you use VB.NET oder VB6?
Have a look at the logfile, can you see any errors?



Hello Hans Peter,
Thank you for your response. I am using VB.NET.
Below is the error mesage which i see immediately after running print command.
It says, there was a problem with print option. at Design start the problem will be shown interactively. Otherwise use Debug-modus to catch the exception.

Looks like a syntax error in your project. A log file would show the culprit. See Troubleshooting Guidance.

But i can see the chart in design interface.

If you can see it even in the designer preview, it might be a different code for the databinding?
Also make sure you are using the latest service pack.
A logfile could help to see the difference between design and print.


Thank you both. I found the problem, it is not because of version change but inbetween we changed the datatype of one column from number to Varchar. Because of that, i had problems in viewing my charts. Now i can see charts in preview.

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