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Upgrade from LL12 to LL16/17, lost buttons

I have just upgraded my software with LL16(and planning on upgrading to LL17), from the old LL12.

After upgrading to LL16, the designer no longer displays the chartobject-button, the crosstab-button, and does not show the new gant-button.

Because of the way the LL-integration is coded, the Report container object is not available to me, so I need to have direct access to the chart/crosstab/gant via the toolbar-buttons.

What parameters need to be set before calling llDefineLayout, so that the chart/crosstab/gant is again available as buttons?

kind regards,
Bjørn Holm
DASH Software AS

Hi Bjorn,

The Gantt is all new to version 17 and not available in LL16. Besides that, you’ll probably want to enable LL_OPTION_ENABLE_STANDALONE_DATACOLLECTING_OBJECTS (constant 131). This will give you the chart and crosstab stand alone, however to my understanding you can always only use one within a report, so I’d strongly suggest updating to report container technology. I seem to remember having read somewhere that the Gantt in LL17 is only available within the report container so this might be another reason to upgrade your code and reports. If you’re working with .NET, keep the compatibility switches like “LegacyDataBinding” in mind when coming from V12.



Hi Günther.
That worked great. The VarChart-button and the crosstab button are visible again.

I would very much like to have the report container available also, but I can’t find any examples or documentation describing how to use or switch to report container technology.

I am not working in .NET, this is a win32 application, created using Clarion 8.

After upgrading to LL17 SP1, in the designer, the gantt button has now disappeared from the toolbar.
In LL17 I had the gantt button visible, although the button didn’t have an image so it was just a blank button. But it still worked and I could create gantt-charts.
If I upgrade to LL17Sp1, no more gantt :(.
If I open an existing report created in LL17, with a gantt object, I can still access and edit this object, but I cannot add new ones.

As mentioned earlier in this thread I have set the LL_OPTION_ENABLE_STANDALONE_DATACOLLECTING_OBJECTS=1, in order to get the gantt-button, VarChart-button and the CrossTab-button available in the designer.
This still works, minus the now disappeard gantt-button.

Any help is appreciated.

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