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The file is not a List & Label preview file or the file cannot be accessed

we got this error “The file is not a List & Label preview file or the file cannot be accessed” when printing the .lst file in our application on Windows 10 sometimes (Windows 7, 8 is working OK all the time) and don’t know what casues it. If the application is restarted, everything works ok. It happens irregularly.

Do someone know, where could be the problem?

We’re using L&L 23 Enterprise.

Thank You


maye be the create preview file *.ll is still locked from program or any kind of virus scanner is locking it?

From .NET side there is often the point, if you are working with the ListLabelPreviewControl and did not .Dispose the control. Or you use the PreviewFile class and did not .Close() it after using.

the process wide lock (acquired by L&L DLLs), if any, shouldn’t have any effects on the given process. There is no virus scanner on the given machine, only Windows Defender (or whatever it is called).

I’m not using .NET.

I would like hear from L&L folks, when this error is returned, if they have encountered it and in which situations.


Dear Jozef,
thank you for your note.

Unfortunately, this question can not be solved in the forum. We need additional information that cannot be exchanged through the forum platform.I’d suggest to open a support case via our support portal at https://www.combit.net/en/support-center/. Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description.

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Erdal Alacali
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Thank you for the reply,
unfortunately we’re using L&L 22 Enterprise, not the 23 (typo in my first post) and we don’t have active subscription, so I would rather not open the case as it is paid support. Therefor I’ve used forum for asking.

Is there any other option, to get help to fix my problem? Or did some other users had a problem like me?

Thank you

Just reporting back with the findings.

It looks like the culprit was the Windows 10 Cleaning process (or something like that), which would delete empty folders (periodically) in temp location. And so it was deleting the folders, where the L&L preview files would be generated.

The solution is to place some dummy file in the folder (and lock it, to be sure).

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Thank you for this info - I had the same problem.


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