Update font at runtime


We have a report with dozens of detail lines.
All have set to a speciffic font (Arial.10, Arial.11 and Arial.12 bold) in design mode.

Now a customer want this exact report in Verdana…

Is it possible update the font of all fields and labels at runtime, whithout the designer?

Jack Duijf

Quick answer: I think you can use the DOM-API… here you can open the report-template (at runtime ::LlDomOpenProject()…), iterate through all ‘objects’ and modify the Font-Properties. Maybe the tool ‘DOMViewer’ (lldomviewXX.exe) can help you to visualize the DOM-Properties of each DOM-Object.

Quicker solution: Try to make a “Search & Replace” inside of the report-template.

Hello Oliver,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I was not aware that the .lst fil is an actual XML file.

A simple search and replace did the trick.

cDoc := StrTran(cDoc,"Arial","Verdana")
Jack Duijf