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Table of content file in UNICODE


Report lst and lsv files are stored in ANSI.
The toc is stored in Unicode.

My customers can select the font for the report outside the designer.
I read the lst/lsv files, replace all font names and create a report with different name.

Jaarrekening.lsv --> Jaarrekening_tmp.lsv
Now I want the same with the toc file, but I can not handle UNICODE.

How can I change the format to ANSI when saving the TOC in the designer?

Jack Duijf

LL18 SP5

Hi Jack,

thank you for your post.

The LL job decides the format (ANSI or UNICODE) based on the used API. You are using the A-API (ANSI). LL for itself is using the W-API (UNICODE), so the internal projects (GTC, TOC, IDX) are stored in UNICODE.

We recommend to hand over the font names as additional variable and not to patch the project files.

Please make sure that you also set the Option “LL_OPTION_PARTSHARINGFLAGS” to “LL_PARTSHARINGFLAG_VARIABLES_TOC | LL_PARTSHARINGFLAG_VARIABLES_IDX”, otherwise the variables will not be hand over to the TOC.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello Christian,

Thank you for the reply.
I was not aware I could have a variabele as a font name.
After e few minutes I found how to do this.
This is very helpful, thank you.

Jack Duijf

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