Table overlapping other objects in designer

Existing Design:

LL17 – will print and it will automatically adjust (preview below)

LL24 - preview below

Temporary Solution:

  • Adjust table height on the designer

Question: Can we use an LL Option to set so that behavior will be the same as LL17?

LL17 didn’t have an automatic adjustment here AFAIK - I suspect you’ll see the same behavior with LL17 once the contents would be a bit longer. So the fix really would be to prevent this overlapping from happening. The reason why LL24 might use a bit more space could be the change in the Default for IncludeFontDescent, see here:

This is just a guess, without being able to look at the project itself it’s hard to give a detailed diagnosis.

Ok, I think we have no choice in this case but to check all lst files and avoid/correct overlapping from happening.