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Line Spacing Adjustment?

I was on version 12, now on 22. The same reports, using the same font (Arial, 10pt) now have more space between lines. In other words, fewer lines fit on a page. For most reports this doesn’t matter, but on mailing labels it does. Now labels can only fit 4 lines instead of 5. I can’t see a way to adjust the line spacing. The only option I see is to reduce the font size in order to also reduce the line spacing.

Is there any way to adjust the line spacing without changing the font size?

Thanks. - Lane

There’s an option (LL_OPTION_INCLUDEFONTDESCENT, constant value 79) which changed its default value to 1 by popular request in the meantime. Setting it to 0 will restore the old behavior. Depending on your programming language, this setting might also be available as property IncludeFontDescent.

Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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