Show properties window/control for the Report Container

In the report designer you can select the “Report Structure” tab on the left. In the tree shown the top one is the Report Container (with the yellow cylinder icon). You can see the properties of the Report Container in the lower left of the layout in the “Properties” window/control. It also shows the properties of the Tables of the Report Container.

If you press the cross icon to remove the “Properties” window/control, how do I get it back?
The context menu of the Report Container has no option “Properties”.

I can’t find a way in the toolbar or options dialog to select the visibility of this window/control.

I have a “Properties” checkbox on the Project tab of the ribbon to hide/show this window. However, I’m working with LL20. A workaround might be to insert another object (like a rectangle) and choose “Properties” from its context menu (it’s there :)). Then delete the rectangle again.