Reason why a Report Container only shows on page 1

This one has been causing me misery for a week and it is a very strange issue.
On my report I have some header items (logo, address etc) followed by the title of the report. These show on every page.
Under that I have a report container with some data in that I want to show on each page. The Appearance Conditions are set to Always Show on the container and the Tables with in but if refuses to show on Page 2+
Under this container I have another container that I only want to show on Page 1 and have the Appearance Condition set to Page()==1 and this works fine.

This seems like such a simple thing but I have wasted quite a few hours now trying to solve it.
Thanks in advanced

I have a possible suspicion here… Are you working with layers? Is it possible that the container is assigned to the “First Page” layer? A report container that would otherwise be printed over several pages is then only printed on the first page.

In the following screenshot I have assigned the “1st Container” to the First Page layer:

Does this look similar in your project?

If I assign the container to the BASE layer, or to no layer at all, the contents of the container should be output completely:

Can you review the Layer Definitions in this regard?

I hope my suspicion was correct :slight_smile:.

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Another idea might be that there is a set limit to the number of created pages.


To remove the limit that may have been set, click the icon again.

Every single container and text element is set to base, expect for the one that only needs to be on the first page.
If I change the problematic container to First Page Layer, that works. Then if I change it to Following Pages, that works also. But if I then set it to Base Layer, it just shows on the first page.

To make this problem even more fun, I made the container smaller than the data to be printed. When generating the report, it will show the containers data (minus one line) on page one, and then that one line on the next page.

Is there perhaps a different condition for the individual layers?


Could you upload your project file for further investigation?