Allow Report Parameters pane in the Web Viewer to be moved/docked to different sides

I suggest to implement the following feature: Would it be possible to update this so that the Report parameters section once enabled could be customized to be shown on the top or right of the screen?

Thank you

[mod]removed request to correct typo, see discussion below[/mod]

Could you post a screen shot of the dialog you’re referring to? I was unable to find one with the wrong casing in the caption at a first glance. I checked the report parameter dialog in the Designer, the Preview and when Exporting and all were different from what you’re describing :slight_smile:.

Ah, thanks - now we’re talking :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, also please note my second question, from above

Could there be functionality to show this section on the top or right of the screen?

We’ll correct the typo with the next service pack. I changed the title and wording of this thread a bit to reflect the second request which is now open for voting.

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