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Sample Application Shrinks and cannot be Resized

This is the Sample Application for L&L 19. I don’t know why it has shrunk as much. It cannot be made to resize… reinstalling the program did not work.

EDIT: Turns out it has to do with some of the registries, I’ve been using the Sample Application for L&L 26 when this happened. I guess some conflicts between the two.

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What a strange effect - usually the different applications should not share information. It’s safe to delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\combit\cmbtll\<ApplicationName> to get rid of any window positioning settings and revert to default. However, as the “ApplicationName” part changes from version to version for our demo app, there shouldn’t be a conflict.

If you remember it would be great to add which key you had to delete - otherwise I can just :man_shrugging:.

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Very strange indeed.
Application names are different in the registry.
I think it’s still safe to delete all in the node you mentioned and revert to default.

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