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OCX preview window toolbar

I’ve been trialling the L&L product, demo version 20, finally had everything in place and working within my companies product, so we purchased the full version. I uninstalled the demo version and installed the full version we’d downloaded. I’ve registered and patched the product.

The problem I am now seeing is when displaying a preview child window in a MDI application, the cursor is always an hourglass when positioned over a toolbar and half the functionality of the toolbar no longer works. I have re-registered the OCX and removed and re-added the component to my project, still doesn’t work. It did work perfectly before moving to the full version.

You will want to raise a support request on this, I think. If it worked before it seems rather strange to me. Best bet is packing a small sample application and opening a support case.


Just to add, I’ve compiled and tested the “viewer example” that also uses the OCX and that works fine, I’m at a loss for the difference as they both worked previously.

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