Paper size problem on POS a printer


I have a problem with the paper size on a POS printer. The printer has created the paper size 80x3276, in the designer I assigned this printer and checked the “Force paper size” option.
If the default Windows printer is a POS printer then it works fine. However, if the default Windows printer is another (A4 paper size), then the A4 paper size is used and the print is cut.
I use the LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile function with the POS printer name to create the LBP file in each printing process.
Is there a way to force the POS printer paper size and prevent the default Windows printer from being used?

Thank you

Hi Miquel,

if the POS printer is forced via LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile, this particular printer should be used.

To conduct a more precise analysis of the behavior, we require additional details. To this end, we kindly request that you open a support case on our Support Portal and reference this thread in your query. Naturally, we will share the cause and solution with all users here in the forum as well.

Thank you very much.