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Ocx default printer

Hi all.
Is there a way to define the default printer before printing in the ocx preview component (combit version 24). I want to define the printer without the user having to select it.

You could supply a so called P-File (*.lsp). Selected printer ist saved in that file.

In order to implement your idea, the printer must already be suitably stored in the preview file. For this purpose you can use LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile to set the printer in the printer configuration file (P-File), which is kindly mentioned by @Hans_Peter_Reische .

Can i do it in the preview file (.ll)?
I generated the .lsp (P-File) based on the preview file, but when i open it in the ocx preview component and try to print it, it does not present the printer that i have selected.
I already check the .lsp and the printer is defined correctly.

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