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Nested interlinking

I’m trying to finally find out inner workings of objects interlinking.

I’m creating the “order list” L&L project, where I’ve got a static header, report container and the footer.
The static “header”, consisting of the text, graphiscs, etc., and is only shown on the first page.
Report container should start after the header on the first page and then expand for full on the next pages.
The footer should be printed right after the report container, and it contains text, lines etc.

I’ve created a dummy rectangle and interlinked it with Report container using "Individual size … ", “Vertical Interlink”, “Relative to End”, “Inverse Size”, so the report container starts after the custom static header and then is expanded on the next pages.

Then I created the “new dummy rectangle” inside the report container, which will be placeholder for our static header items. The report container is interlinked with the “new dummy rectangle” using “At the End, keep size”. Then I created the items needed for the footer and interlinked the “new dummy rectangle” with footer objects using "Individual size … ", “Vertical Interlink”, “Relative to Begin”.

And it works really weird. What I expect is, that the first, static header is printed. Then the container data is printed. THEN the “new dummy rectangle” should be printed, but there isn’t enough place, so the page break should occurs and it should be printed on the next page. Then the static footer items should be printed. BUT, static footer items are printed on the end of the page and also at the new page. Why? I’ve set a “Pagebreak” for the text item in the static footer, then it only prints it on the last page, but it is wrong, it should be printed INSIDE the “new dummy rectangle” on the new page. Nevermind that the rectangle, Lines, … doesn’t have a “Pagebreak” property. Another weird thing is, if I disable the “Pagebreak” on the supported objects, altough the items are printed twice (on the old page and the new page), on the old page they’re printed in wrong position, when they shouldn’t apper. I mean, the “new dummy rectangle” use “At the End, keep size” interlinking, which should always place the content INSIDE the area of “main object”, in our case, the Report container. But it also prints it outside the report container area.

Is the nested interlinking even supported? Or (and I really hope that it is a true) do I get it all wrong?

I’m attaching a sample project which describes the situation.
I’m using L&L 22.

Dear Jozef,
thank you for your post.

Try to put the static header in a free table (static table), which you can easily insert into the report container (see picture).

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Thank You for the reply, Erdal.

Unfortunately I cannot see any picture in the post. Did you forget to post it? I too had a problem posting the .lst file (looks like it is banned).

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