Project includes and "footer" on the last page

I have a template project, which has some standard “page head” text, that should be printed on each page and then “page footer”, which should be printed only on the last page. All of them are static items (no report container).

But when I include this template project I cannot get the “page foot” to print on the last page only. If I set the condition for LastPage() it isn’t printed whatsoever. This is expected as per documentation:

This function can only be used in footer lines of tables, as a condition in a layout region condition, or in objects linked to a table. In all other cases, Lastpage() is always “False”.

But I cannot linked the objects from the includes to the report container in the main project. So, could I somehow achieve it?

For now, I just save the footer text in variables and then place it in each project, which is tedious and error prone.

Thank You

Hi Jozef,

unfortunately there is no real solution to your described problem but to insert the footer in the specific projects. Reason to that is that all objects in a project include are included before anything happens in the main project so that LastPage() can never became True within the project include.

Currently we only have the option to create a new idea in the Idea Place.

Thanks for your understandings.