How to print objects after last row in a table

I’m using LL27 VCL component (not databound). I’m using a list project type in a general LlDefineVariableExt loop and I believe I cannot use report containers.
I have a table with an undefined number of rows (fixed size set to false) and I need to print several summary text objects just after the page footer of the table is printed. I have linked these objects to the table with no success.
I attach an image of the project and the resulting printout. I would like the summary objects to be positioned higher, just after the table.
Anyone can help?
Thank you very much in advance.

I will answer myself in case it helps somebody.
First I have ungrouped the summary objects and link the table with all of them (press Link wiith button and select all of them). After that, and this was the trick, I have set for each of the summary objects the Interlink Type as ‘Individual size and position adaptation’ and Vertical Interlink as ‘Relative to end’. Finally I have grouped all the summry objects.

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