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Multiple license problem in an executable

After installing the program on 2 machines. The program gives a development license problem which should not occur. How can I solve this problem?

Hi André,

I’d suggest to contact our consulting by phone (+49 7531 906010) on this issue and sort it out together. You may install List & Label e.g. on a laptop and your workstation depending on your edition. However you may not use it on two machines simultanously. Let’s see together where the problem is in your case.

If you’d like I could have someone call you as well - just let me know.


PS: That is of course “the development license”. On end user systems, there shouldn’t be any checking at all.

Hey Jochen,

That is correct. This occured on the working application after installing it on 2 machines and running them. After like 10 seconds we get the error on both machines.

We do write diagnostic logging in these cases, however for obvious reasons I wouldn’t want to discuss this publicly here :wink: . I’ll send you a PM.

Issue was resolved, the LicensingInfo property needed to be set in another location.

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