Gdi32.dll error when using LL with Wine on Linux

Hello there,

We are trying to migrate our software solution to Linux (Debian 9.0) using Wine. Our application is developed in Delphi and has two modules for creating bills using List&Labels. Unfortunately we get an exception when we try to edit a List&Labels Layout or we try to preview a bill. The exception is related to gdi32.dll.

It would be great when you could offer us some hints of how we can solve this problem.

Thank you!

Can you indicate which version of List & Label you’re using? Testing on Wine is part of our usual release tests, however results may vary both with Wine and LL version.

Hi there,

Thank you for the answer. We are using List&Labels V21.

Thanks again and I am really looking forward to solve our problem :slight_smile:

In this case, I’d suggest to test the same behavior with LL24 as Wine is a quite volatile project and we need to make adaptions quite frequently. If the issue persists, we’ll look at it via support as we’d need to exchange a dump file in this case.


We are using LL21 and I just installed the Trial Version for LL24;I made the changes in our source code so our application can run with the updated version of LL24, I could start, preview or edit a layout in our application. The tricky part is that when I copy the right DLLs to Linux environment and I try to start using List&Labels comes this license error although on a windows environment is working, I have 30 days testing time.

Are there any specific files I have to copy to the Linux environment?

Thank you!

Hm, you may try to install the trial version on the Wine system as well. The trial licensing depends on a couple of files and registry switches being present on the machine. Alternatively, you could simply deploy our DemoApplication24.exe (full folder & sub folders) along with the redistributables for a quick check.

If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll sort this out via support as well - just contact us.

I copied DemoApplication24.exe (full folders etc etc) to our Linux test environment and unfortunately it does not start. It is simply not starting, no exception, nothing. I did the same thing on a normal Windows Machine and it starts. I am thinking that maybe our Linux environment is not correctly developed, I don’t really know what to try next. Our Application is also using Fast Report and other ThirdPart Components and everything works perfect, we only have problems with List&Labels. Any idea what can we do next?

So, we were able to start DemoApplication24.exe and it seems to work, with some graphical issues that can be fixed. Now we want to install the Trial version under Linux and if we try to install via Wine/Crossover it comes the error “Im Programm msiexec.exe treten schwerwiegende Fehler…” and if we want to run the .msi file directly with “wine msiexec /i” command an exception comes that List&Labels runs only under Windows 7/8/10.

We can try buying the LL24 Version but first we need to know that it will work under Linux/Wine.

How can I install the Trial with Wine without getting this errors?
Thank you.

@ealacali will contact you. Maybe we could also agree on a no risk purchase that would be refunded if things don’t work for you? I’m quite confident that using LL24 would be the solution.

We can also agree on a no risk purchase, no problem. We want to upgrade the version so if you say that LL24 would be the solution let’s try with a LL24 Version. Thank you!

I’m quite interested to run L&L on linux, as currently it is the only library we are using in our software that prevent us running on linux.

Do you regularly test on wine, or just sporadically? Do you know any showstoppers for L&L when running with wine?

I was thinking of extracting the functionality that uses L&L in the solo process, which could be then run in wine then, but I don’t want to start before I will know the L&L is sufficiently stable.

Of course, the native linux support from L&L would be best option :wink:

At the moment we are not aware of any real showstoppers. However, there are some restrictions. Among other things the mail dispatch via MAPI, or the XPS export is not available. In addition a clearly worse performance is to be expected than under a pure Windows system.
We test regularly and exclusively with Ubuntu\wine. How well your project might work with other distributions, their different versions, and/or a different runtime environment can only be found out by testing.

Hello there,

After testing with LL and Wine we discovered that the RTF-Text Component is not working. I found in an old documentation (LL19) that the RTF-Text Components are not supported under Wine/Linux. Is this also for the current version (LL24/LL25)?