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LL21 Language File

I have just installed LL21 and am sporadically getting an error message: The Language file is not valid for your license of List & Label. It only occurs on my development machine (using dataflex) but not on clients I have installed.

Did you set the licensing info for your component? Not sure where to do that in dataflex, there should be an option or property to set it. I’d also make sure the language file is the same accross all machines, i.e. there is only one single version of the cmll??.lng.


I just reinstalled LL21 again on my development machine and entered the serial# and product key. Same problem.

The licensing info is hard coded in the application so there is nothing to set in the development area. The application runs at client sites but not on my development machine running the same code.

Is the language file registration different on the client than on a development machine.

I seem to remember this problem when I once used a language file from the trial version accidentally. Again, I’d make sure there’s only one instance of the *.LNG files accross your system and it’s the same on your and your client’s machine. If you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F12 in the designer you can see where your files got loaded from. If that doesn’t help it sounds like you should file an error report with combit.

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