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Moving text/objects in Niv1


I am a new user of List and Label. We have a new software program where it is integrated with.

So far it goes well. But now I want to change a standard layout which has a Niv1 in the project. In this Niv1 there are several textboxes and variables. When I want to move these (just by picking it up with the mouse and move…) i move the whole object. So i can’t move the fields within it. Am i doing something totally wrong … ? I’ve searched on the web but can’t find anything usefull. So if anyone can help me would be very nice. Thank you in advance.

Hi Kees,
thank you for your note.

It looks as if the objects are grouped.
The grouping you can resolve by selecting an object by right-click and select “ungroup”.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Thanx for the replay. I now see that Niv1 is a table. How can I change or move fiels within the table. I can’t use ungroup on this table. Thank you in advance.

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