Rotating view or layout

please excuse my ignorance. Hoping their is a simple solution to rotate all items as a group. If not, can a a format be programmed to print portrait or landscape?

If you switch from Portrait to Landscape in the Designer, you’re asked if you want to adapt all object positions to the new layout. Would that help? If both should work simultaneously you could use a formula for object positions. See the report “Mixed portrait and landscape” for the sample application for an example.

When I choose portrait or landscape I do not get the prompt to choose/accept anything, it just changes the document orientation with no effect on content.

Which version of List & Label are you using? Do you flip the orientation using the Ribbon button?

LL25, I’ve tried to adjust via both the ribbon and in project properties. I have given up on this and will adjust manually.
It does seem odd that you are not able to at least adjust the display properties so you can setup without having to look at something sideways. Thanks for your help.

If you like, feel free to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing - not sure I’m getting the issue :slight_smile:.

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