Missing table in context menu


I am using list and label 21 and I wish to insert a sub table. When I searched online, I found this:

“This is going to change in version 21 – List & Label is going to support a new field type “table” which enables you to nest tables.”


This article shows “Table” as an option from the dropdown menu.


However, My dropdown menu does not include “Table”

(Since I am a new user I cannot upload more than one image)

Is there something specific I need to do to enable the table selection option?

Thank you


To implement your requirement you would need a data provider. List & Label provides these data providers in the programming languages C++, Delphi or in .Net languages. I’d like to guide you to the corresponding sections within our programmer’s manual, for example here, here and here.
We also recommend to have a look at the source code samples that are provided with List & Label for various programming languages to get started quickly. You will find them in the “Samples” subfolder in the List & Label start menu.

Thank you for your reply. I will look into this.

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