Linking Tables Is Not Possible

Valid from List & Label 5
Since List & Label 20 linking tables is possible under .NET.

List & Label doesn't allow to link tables to each other. Of course you may use multiple tables in a project, but these are independent of each other concerning size position etc.

Starting with List & Label 11, a report container may contain multiple tables. You can define an arbitrary sequence of tables in this way. Use the LlDbAddTable(), LlDbAddTableRelation() and LlDbAddTableSortOrder() API to pass your data model to List & Label. Further information can be found in the manual.

Another frequent usage for multiple tables is a multi columnar layout - this can easily be achieved with Version 13 or newer, just set the Column Count property to the required value.

For all other cases:
To get the required result with older versions we'd advice you to use multiple table line definitions. One line would contain your first line ("first table"), another one your second line ("second table"). Your application then could freely switch between these lines by defining an extra field which is then used in the respective appearance condition (e.g. a field "TableType" which takes on the values 1,2,...; the appearance condition for line 1 would then be "TableType=1", and for the other lines accordingly). As you may have totally different layouts for the table lines, the end user gets the impression of multiple table objects.
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