LL24 Converting preview file to pdf, page orientation problem

I have problem when converting .ll file to .pdf.
I’m using this (LlStgsysConvert) function to convert it and tried every parameter mentioned in the programmer manual (like PDF.CompressStreamMethod).
The problem is that I have 3 pages in a report and one of them is in landscape the others are portrait. When converted this landscape page gets smaler in size. Lets say from A4 to A5 to fit the width of the other pages, maybe? I need to sort this out, this landscape page not loosing its dimentions.
When I use “Quick print” option to save the file trough “Microsoft Print to PDF” the file and all pages are ok and in A4 format. How can I accomplish this to the convert method?

unfortunately, it was not possible for us to reproduce the behavior you described. Therefore we used the List & Label sample application and the report “Mixed portrait and landscape.srv” and created a preview file. This was converted to PDF. Additionally we opened the preview file in the viewer (llview24.exe) and saved it as PDF. In both cases the dimension of the landscape page was correct. Please upload your preview file here to perform tests with it. Thank you.

Maybe I should redirect the printer options to the LlStgsys?

Unfortunately, we do not understand exactly what you mean here. Please just upload the preview file here. We will be happy to use it to perform tests with the LlStgsys functions.

I cannot upload or share anything.

In order to upload here, you need to “earn” a trust level. Simple, just browse the site a bit and read a couple of topics, shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. This is to prevent robots from being able to upload malicious files. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, you can also at any time contact support directly of course.

exparc.ll (1.0 MB)

As soon as we have new information, we will get back to you here in the forum.

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We have performed appropriate tests with the LL file, but could not reproduce the behavior. The PDF file was generated correctly. Please install the latest Service Pack for List & Label 24, and see if this improves the situation.